123Tech and Distance Learning


We understand that teaching the 123Tech discovery level activities when students arent in the classroom can be tricky, so we have developed a series of videos and resources to help you teach the activities via distance learning.  the videos are also great if you want just a little bit more of an understanding of how to run the activities - the vidoes are short and to the point!


123Tech Distance Learning resources

The Sorting Network

Resource includes a video demonstration of teaching the sorting network activity online, and worksheet template to use with students.

Binary Digits

Resource includes a video demonstration for teachers, a demo video for students featuring Digital Dan and the Binary Calculator Template

Mission back to School

An adaptation of the "Mission to Mars" programming activity specifically for the "covid lockdown"  The resources include a demo video and a template for you to use, along with one you can customise.

Pixel Painters

A fun activity teaching students the fundamentals of programming and what pixels are all about and what they do, the resource includes a demonstration video and templates in Excel and Google Sheets to use.


Check back here for the latest resources which will be published as they are developed and keep an eye on our facebook page for more quick videos, tips and hints.