Mission Back to School

Teaching the Mission back to Mars activity via distance learning.

To help you deliver 123Tech remotely, here is a quick video demonstrating an adaptation of The Mission To Mars, which we have renamed "Misison Back to School" with a Covid theme.

This programming challenge sees students  in a team of two using a defined language  "Left, Right and Forward" to get their Peter and Suzy to school.  They are tasked with writing a programme to navigate Peter and Suzy's way to school on the map, collecting hand sanitiser for school while avoiding the nasty Covid-19 virus and other hazards.  Once the Programmer has written the programme the Tester then needs to test it to make sure that the programme is correct.

This activity will require students to use their teamwork and communication skills.

We also have a template map that you can use to customise your own programming challenge for your students.


Resources for this activity:

To run the activity you will need to also use the Mission back to school map in Google Drawings format.  You are welcome to use this template to create your own "Mission to...." programming challenge

The original 123Tech Sorting Network resource for this activity will also give you more information on the background of this activity 

Dont forget that you can register your Discovery Level students for the 123Tech Challenge free of charge and doing so means once they complete this and the other activities in the challenge they will be awarded a 123Tech Certificate.  To find out more about 123Tech and the Discovery Challenge, please click here


If you have any questions or would like further support for this activity please email [email protected]