Pixel Painters

Teaching Pixel Painters via distance learning.

Here is a fun activity that furthers the learning of students who have already done the Binary Numbers Activity, refinforcing the on and off states of binary systems, but this time in the context of digital displays.

This activity is not one of the 123Tech activities, but it is fun and we thought we would include it anyway!

We have an Excel template (linked below) that you can use to create a Binary picture by colouring in the pixels using black or white.  We also have a few examples from Computer Science unplugged that you might like to share with your students to have them "colour in"


Resources for this activity:

You will need to  use the Pixel Painter Grid Excel spreadsheet  or  Pixel Painter Grid in Google Sheets  and you may also like to check out the pixel painter examples on the Computer Science Unplugged Pixel Painters and share those with your students to get them to "colour in"

Dont forget that you can register your Discovery Level students for the 123Tech Challenge free of charge and doing so means once they complete this and the other activities in the challenge they will be awarded a 123Tech Certificate.  To find out more about 123Tech and the Discovery Challenge, please click here


If you have any questions or would like further support for this activity please email [email protected]