2020 Regional Championship


The 2020 Regional Championships are now open!

We are running our Regional events slightly differently in 2020 as we have in previous years.  The Regional judging will now be done virtually, giving everyone more time to get their entires in on time, it is also fantastic for teachers as it now means you have a longer period of time to decide who to nominate your teams to compete in the 123Tech Regional Event!

There are four submission dates from from August through to November where teachers are able to nominate their champion team(s) to go forward to judging.  These dates are: -

29th August

22nd September 

14th October (Now Open)

11th November


Each school has the opportunity to nominate up to two teams at each level of the challenge.  If you feel you may have a tough time deciding on only two teams please get in contact with us.

Discovery Division

This year Discovery teams are required to undertake two Discovery level activities.  The teacher must video the teams performing the activity and entries will be timed and ranked accordingly.

This years activities are:  

The Sorting Network, using randomised numbers.  Your video should include proof of the students selecting a random number card from a deck and random placement at the start of the network.  Remember protocol is important.  Students must demonstrate that at each of  the data sets they say 'hello' to each other and then move in the appropriate direction

Binary numbers, using simple on off status cards ( ie no dots to depict the value of the 'bit'.  For additional bonus points one member of the Discovery team should explain the reason for the activity at the end of your video.  The most accurate and creative explantions will earn bonus points, valuable to help decide the winners.  Remember EVERY Discovery level team is eligible for the 123Tech Discovery certificate.

Parity Magic, using a grid of 7x7 cards

email your Discovery level video entries to [email protected]

First, Secondary and Senior Secondary Division

Teachers can enter their First, Secondary and Senior Secondary division teams online at you will need to provide a link to a 10 min video of your students  presenting their project and supply any supporting documentation such as their project plans, reports, blogs, research etc. 



Regional winners will be announced by 25th November.

Our National Championship event is scheduled for 10th December 2020 and further information will be announced regarding this event closer to the date.

 We completely understand that NCEA exams are set for new dates this year given COVID-19 so if for any reason there is an issue with being able to submit your teams nominations due to NCEA exams please let us know so we can assist.