Wow What a Year!!!


This year we had so many entries for the Tahi Rua Toru Tech Finals, we had to get more judges in!  We say this every year, but we genuinely mean it when we say the calibre of all the entries we recieved was very (very very) high!

A huge thanks to the Ministry of Education for their support of the 2022 national finals and for all the teachers supporting the mahi and creativity of their students in 2022

First Challenge Level    
A Cut Above Peachgrove Intermediate School The team identified an issue that most students are not aware of the importance of food hygiene. They conducted a test to prove their theory. To solve the issue the team made a website, online game, posters and teaching resources to educate students about food hygiene.
The Bug Smashers Stanley Ave
Our device will show if the class environment is too noisy/loud and/or to hot or cold to concentrate, which can also have medical and educational advantages. Loud noises can have negative effects such as dizziness, headaches, ear damage, and temperature can affect how students learn. Being able to detect this and have students self-aware will be helpful so teachers and students have a better learning experience in their classroom environment. This has been tested by more than 1 classroom and according to teachers has proved to be an effective teaching tool for them as well.
Tech Turners Selwyn House School The students wanted to help people who were vision impaired to distinguish between similar-looking foods at the supermarket. They used Google's Teachable Machine website to train an AI to recognise different food cans, then Scratch programming to make their computer say the name of the can that it saw.
Digital Potatoes Arahoe School Digital Potatoes have developed a fingerprint scanner system that removes the time-consuming task of calling the school roll.
Apples Arahoe School The Apples were tired of their class stationery disappearing so they've invented a machine that will keep their pencils safe
Secondary Challenge Level    
Survival Pot Palmerston North Girls' High School An educational app to help students learn maths.
"A" Team Palmerston North Girls' High School Encouraging people to read, using app technology. Has information and reviews.
Gasoline Lytton High School An journey of anti-scam awareness through to the final product of file encryption.
Snr Secondary/Solo Challenge Level    
Finntech Mount Albert Grammar School Calculator that categorises users into groups depending on their inputs.
Ben Chapman Taupo nui-a-Tia College The use of digital technology can be used to raise awareness of pollution by educating people in more eco-friendly solutions and finding alternatives. This can be addressed by an app that scans barcodes of products and finds better products that don't affect the environment. This will be useful to anyone that does shopping at anyone but probably targeted to adults as they do the most shopping. People would use my app to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and help the planet out. And if the app picks up traction it could go global and help out the environment and world from global warming.
Dougal Mackintosh Taupo nui-a-Tia College
I believe that an app that helps you save money everyday would be very beneficial
to everyone and be a very good tool to have. Through my research and real life
experience I have found that prices keep going up while peoples wages are
staying the same. This means that people have no money to spend on what they
want, because instead they are having to spend it all on their bills and for basic
everyday needs. I think this is a big problem that needs a solution soon before
everyone starts having no way to pay off their bills and debt. My app may not
completely solve this problem but it would help out a lot of people that need it.