2022 National Winners

   Your Winners 2022 Winners of Tahi Rua Toru Tech

For those who aren’t familiar with the challenge, Students work in teams to identify a problem they care about in their school or
community and create a technology-based solution to solve it. 

The high caliber of projects entered in 2022 made for a difficult judging process, but really showcases the immense creativity, i
nnovation, and passion of our rangatahi across Aotearoa. 

First up is the Discovery level where students in Years 0-6 practice and perfect a series of ‘offline’ activities based on material
from CS Unplugged which introduces them to the very basics of how computers work. Over the year teams try out each activity
and perfect their knowledge by competing against the clock to finish each one.  

Blitzing through the Sorting Network activity with a time of 9 seconds, our 2022 Discovery winners are team The FRIM from
Arahoe School!  The timer didn't even register with their Binary activity, they were super-fast and they gained extra points on
how they described the who, what, and why of each of the 3 activities.   

2022 First Level Winners 'A Cut Above'

Our First Level ( Years 5-8) winners for 2022 are team ‘A Cut Above’ from Peachgrove Intermediate school
Kirikiriroa/Hamilton. The team identified an issue that most students are not aware of: the importance of food hygiene.
They conducted a test to prove their theory. To solve the issue the team made a website, online game, posters, and
teaching resources to educate students about food hygiene. 

The judges commended the team on their well-defined problem statement, thoughtful research, well-constructed
experiments,and the scope of material the team produced. 

Our Secondary level winners for 2022 (years 9-10) are the “A” Team from Palmerston North Girls' High School.
The problem this team wanted to solve was around how technology has taken away the joy of reading, so they set
out to develop an app to change all of that, not only did they want to make it educational and entertaining, they also
had a target market: the entire world! 

The judges highlighted the team’s proficiency with the Thunkable app to implement the team's MVP features and
provides a user-friendly interface, stating “the gamification of your app with the option to win points and buy clothing
for your avatar is novel. Well done for all you have achieved”.  The Judges were also impressed with the team’s thoughtful
design, user research, thorough documentation, and ability to recognize each other’s strengths and acted to utilize them

Finally, our Senior Secondary level (years 11-13) winner for 2022 is Ben Chapman from Taupo-Nui-A-Tia College.
Ben developed an app that scans the barcodes of products and finds better products that don't affect the environment
as much.  Useful when you pick up something in the supermarket and wonder about its sustainability! Ben wasn't thinking
about just his town, or just New Zealand, but has a view to taking his app global and helping the whole world make
changes to our environment and the way we live. 

The judges were thoroughly impressed by the narrative of the project's overall journey, the evidence provided and was
won over by the elegant design and user interface in the finished solution.  

Due to the aforementioned high caliber of entries, in 2022 we also introduced the ITP Choice Award which was given
to ‘The Bug Smashers’ from Stanley Ave school, Paeroa. Their project aimed to show if classroom environments are too
noisy/loud and/or too hot or cold to concentrate, which can also have medical and educational advantages. Loud noises
can have negative effects such as dizziness, headaches, ear damage, and temperature can affect how students learn.