How To Get Involved

The Tahi Rua Toru Tech Challenge is now open for schools, kura and code clubs to sign up for more information and to get involved.

Most students participate in the 123Tech Challenge as a classroom activity, however you can also enter through your local Code Club (check out for more information).

Teachers and code club coordinators: use the Teachers Sign up link to create an account on the 123Tech site – it’s completely free and with no obligation. We’ll then keep in touch as the Challenge kicks off.


The process for getting involved is:

Teachers and Code Club coordinators – sign up now. We’ll then keep you informed as the Challenge progresses.
Start whenever you want! Teachers/coordinators enter the names of their student teams on the 123Tech site using the account created above.
Teachers and student teams have full access to the 123Tech resources and material to take part in the Challenge.

It’s important to enter the names of your student teams on the site so they gain access to the materials and resources, can download a 123Tech Certificate at the completion of the Challenge, and are eligible to enter the Regional and National Championship later.

Note that student teams must be entered by their teacher (or code club coordinator) and cannot sign up for the Challenge directly.


What’s involved for teachers and coordinators

Full resources are available for both teachers and your student teams including process documentation, project plan, and report templates, information sheets on each step of the process, posters that can be printed and so much more – basically everything you need to run the Challenge in your class or Code Club.

Teachers are the gatekeepers to their classrooms. Other than general weekly updates on the Challenge, all communication comes through you:

  • Teachers/coordinators sign up student teams into the challenge by entering their names and team name at Intermediate and Secondary student teams can then access resources and guidance documents directly from the site.
  • If you enter an email address for team members, we’ll keep them (and you!) up to date on progress steps, what’s happening across the country and so much more in a weekly update during the challenge term. Other than these updates, we will never communicate directly with students – all communication will go through the teacher or coordinator.
  • Student teams have the option of recording progress on their very own team blog on the 123Tech Challenge site. Note that none of their updates are published publicly unless the teacher or coordinator approves it.

Teams participating in the First, Secondary or Senior Secondary Challenges (i.e. at Intermediate or Secondary School levels) will also need an industry mentor. We will help identify and introduce a mentor to you if you have teams entering the Challenge in your classroom. Code Club coordinators would normally act as the mentor for Challenge teams entering via a Code Club.

Along with the industry mentor, teachers provide general support for their teams, for example, checking off their project plans. But it’s easy and we provide plenty of resources to help you along the way.


Who can participate

The 123Tech Challenge is for everyone in school/kura, not just tech geniuses (although they’re welcome too!). We partner you with an industry mentor and provide all the guidance and support you need to make a real difference – and maybe even win fame and fortune along the way!

You can start at any time during the year now! You just need a 10-12 week block, and holidays aren't included.

All Challenge resources and emails to students are available in English or Te Reo Māori.


What’s involved for mentors

Industry mentors are a crucial component of the Challenge at the Intermediate and Secondary School levels. They provide advice and guidance to teams of students under the supervision of teachers or Code Club coordinators and help them frame up a solution to their local community or school issue.

The workload is not high for industry mentors. They meet with the students 2-3 times over a term, plus provide additional guidance as required.

Sign up here if you’re interested in being an industry mentor.


Does the programme require sponsors?

Yes, without sponsorship the programme simply cannot be run.  Check out our sponsorship options on our sponsorship page

Signing up

If you’re a teacher or Code Club coordinator, sign up now for more info.

If you’re a student, ask your Teacher or Code Club coordinator to visit this page to find out more.