Without the support of our sponsors, 123Tech would not be able to operate in NZ Schools and Kura.

The Tahi Rua Toru Tech Challenge is a programme targeted at students from ages 0-13 that introduces them to the opportunities of the IT Industry through learning by doing and giving them agency to explore, be creative, make mistakes, and innovate.  

The core goals of the challenge are to get students excited about the possibility of a career in the IT industry and show them the breadth of opportunity that exists within our industry, and to encourage more Māori, Pacifika, and female students to get involved. 

Watching students recognise real-world problems and developing innovative ways to solve them, these young innovators really are working on solutions for tomorrow’s problems. Some of the amazing projects that have come through the programme include an app to donate school uniform items to families who can't afford them, An app to help you do CPR in an emergency, and a hardware solution to help children with ADHD. Some of these have even landed the support from real-world organisations to continue growing! 

The programme is fully translated into Te Reo Maori and offered at Kura across the country, we have also developed our online resources so they can easily be adapted for any change in circumstances, such as Level 4 lockdowns - in a way we are also recognizing problems and solving them!  

The programme has grown immensely from its iteration, with over 12,000 students and teachers involved. With numbers like these, and seeing the incredible work coming from these students we want to keep the programme running, and to do that we need your support.  

 We have sponsorship options for the smallest of budgets and are happy to customise what we can to make the sponsorship work for you.


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